Notes to Heaven

A big, dark room. Colored lights swirling around. Bodies swaying, arms raised. Loud sounds coming from strings, hollow drums, and voice-boxes sending notes to heaven… love notes, notes begging for God to intervene, notes praising God for saving us from what we deserve, notes telling of God’s power, notes recognizing our depravity.

I had accompanied four sweet ladies on this worship journey. As we stood, shoulder to shoulder, the hands of time slowed to a stop. My sense of each of our unique struggles was heightened. The thoughts rushing into my mind were that of how the words filling the arena appealed to each of us very differently, yet exactly the same… We are in desperate need of Him.

The voice of Lauren Daigle filled my ears and heart…

“When You don’t move the mountains,

I’m needing You to move.

When You don’t part the waters,

I wish I could walk through.

When You don’t give the answers,

As I cry out to You,

I will trust, I will trust in You.”

Each of us could probably think of a multitude of times when we felt God could’ve changed a difficult situation, could’ve made a different, quicker, or easier way out of a hardship, or could’ve shown us what He was doing in the background when the forefront seemed hopeless and without solution.

Each of us could probably think of a multitude of times when God gave us the grace of small joys in the midst of the difficult situation… when God gave us a way out of a hardship that wasn’t our first choice or in our timing but we were privileged to see how He used that to change someone else’s life… or when His background work came to the forefront and provided overflowing hope and a bigger solution than we imagined in the first place.

Tick, tock. Tick, tock. Tick, tock.

The hands of time were back in motion again, as I lifted my hands towards heaven, my home… where there won’t be any mountains to move, any waters to walk through or any questions that need answers.

I love to sing in the car, in the shower, at concerts… I couldn’t help but think of what it’ll be like when my forever joy, my forever heavenly privilege will be to worship.

Suddenly, all of the colored swirling lights turned bright white and were shining directly at us. An earthly version of a heavenly sight… and all of the difficult situations and hardships that were hopeless and without solution fell to the wayside, joy in their place.

Not every Christian concert provides this experience, but thankfully, God laid this one on our paths & made a way for us to go, knowing the work He was going to do in us through that event… a small-scale example of His plan being bigger and better than we had imagined.


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