Forgetting Him

original_url: 20131217_164335.jpg/1387316615107

Today, I’m claiming my eternal, divine heritage. I’m claiming it over myself, because I have forgotten these past couple of weeks in the midst of fear, anxiety, pain, stress, busyness, overthinking.


Abba Father has welcomed me into His family, no matter the circumstances of my biological family. He loves me with an everlasting, unconditional love unlike any love that could be given to me or by me. 


I have forgotten these past few weeks. Forgetting what the Lord has done in my life & who I am because of Jesus puts distance between Him & I. I prayed for forgiveness of my humanity, my ability to quickly forget, my finite mind that can’t see the big picture that He’s weaving. 


Awareness is something I need to practice more often. I want to be aware of WHO I am functioning out of… myself or Him. Am I viewing me & my circumstances through my limited, often fearful scope or His loving, all-good, powerful scope?


I am walking in the freedom of belonging to His family, of existing in His perfect love always & knowing He’s got me.


•Explanation of the weird, but meaningful photo: This picture is a couple years old. I was exiting a blue playground tunnel. I was working for the Y in the After School Program. I’ve always loved this photo & all the meanings it has taken for me. The bright light, my smile, the light reflecting off the top of the inside of the tunnel… This is what today feels like… coming out of a dark tunnel, with hints of light within the whole time, even though I never looked up to see them & joy, joy, joy.


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